Quality Control
Quality is very important for each company to keep their customers
Quality is our unique standard and Quality including the sevice quality,product quality and processing quality and transportation quality
In all production processes, we need to monitor the extent to which our products meet specifications

Quality Guarantee
Quality Managing Department specializes in quality management, there are over 40 staff, 18 sets professional character inspection feeds, 6 sets professional testing equipments, and over 3 professional measuring apparatus which meet testing requirement from raw material to finished products. Now our company has obtained the certificate of two-grade measuring confirmation and ISO9001-9002 international quality system. Harvest trademark is China Well-known trademark and China Legalized trademark

Quality Management
Quality Object: all works are for customer satisfaction; products quality reaches international level and making three-perfect. .
We are developing new products, new technology and new market, are adopting new material and new mechanism. We are trying our best to make refined products, and endeavor to exceed international well-know company such as Great Salt Lake company
As per ISO9001-9002 international standard, we consummate company management, adopt new managing way, reduce managing cost, improve managing efficiency, in order to produce good feeds, provide good service.
The company quality concept is "quality is our life, today quality is tomorrow market". The company quality standard measure up with international advanced level not only, but also try to meet customer's requirements. Now we have a complete quality guarantee system, which ensures the products at the lead position in the hatchery and aquarium industry and market

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