Harvesting fresh fish
The fish are harvested in the clean unpolluted waters of the Huanghai. Harvesting constraint limits are strictly enforced by Government authorities employing Sustainable Fisheries strategies. Small pelagic fish are targeted by the fleet of 24 purse seine vessels and delivered to one of the three geographically strategically placed plants thereby ensuring maximum freshness of raw material. Meso-pelagic fish are harvested by one of the 3 mid-water trawler factory ships.
Gentle low temperature drying
These land-based plants employ either direct drying technology or steam drying technology or indirect hot air drying technology. On the factory vessels, product that is not frozen is immediately reduced to fish meal with steam drying technology.
Higher manufacturing standards - Higher quality
There is strict in-house quality control with frequent analysis in our own laboratories ensuring efficient process control. In addition every batch of fish meal is also analysed by an independent accredited laboratory according to our customers' requirements. Our products have been tested for dioxin and PCBs and this analysis has confirmed that the levels are extremely low.
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