Meat Meal

Meat Meal is made of pig oil residue as raw material and be removed fat twice by high technology. It is a new concept product in new century.This product is passed inspection by Feed Research Institute of Shandong Academy of Agricultural Sciences. Protein can be over 70% and Amino Acid can reach 60%.The product has fragrant oil and rich taste.Good palatability, great digestibility and promote growth. The item can instead of Fish Meal partly or completely. Rich in phosphorus, calcium and a variety of trace elements and other unknown factors. It has high performance of gaining weight and fattening. The Meat Meal quality is premium and price is lower than that of equal Fish Meal or twice amount of Soybean Meal. Since be put in market,it is very popular in feed plants and farmers due to its great quality and very low price.


(1) Strong feeding attraction:pig oil fragrancy is strong and pork smell overflow. Livestock、aquaculture、fur-bearing animals  and pets like to eat it,no need to add various kinds of sweet principle in feed.

(2) Great palatability, great digestibility: All materials used are pure pig dregs of fat, without hair, hoof, bones, blood and other ingredients.

(3)Improve poultry egg production rate: After hen (ducks and other poultry) eat 6-9 days, laying rate increased obviously, and egg is large.

(4)Promote growth, gaining weight and fattening greatly: Chicken eat only 12 days later, cockscomb become red, feather get shiny, and gain weight quickly. Instead of equal amount of fish meal or twice amount of soybean meal in pig feed, pigs eat 7-15 days hair is bright and grow rapidly, without weighing contrast is very obvious by eye view. Fox, mink, racoon dog, pet and other edible after 10 days, hair is bright and gain weight quickly.

(5) Improve quality, reduce cost and increase benefit: with the use of meat and fish meal, so that the feed nutrition is more rich and amino acid is more balanced. In the feed with full price, when use meat meal, appropriately increase bran usage, which can prevent diarrhea, but also can reduce the cost of feed.

(6) No pollution: Because raw material is good processing cooked dregs of fat which is purchased directly from edible oil plant. Therefore, no raw material pollution. After the production, processing and thermal spray, through crushing packaging, no touch with the ground, to avoid second pollution.

This product complies with the national standard of feed hygiene (GB13078-2001)

Meat Meal main technical indexes

Tested Item


Tested Item


Tested Item


Crude protein(%)


Calcium %


Total phosphorus %


Ash (%)


Moisture %




Scope of application:
       Fox, mink, raccoon, livestock, poultry, aquaculture animals and pets.

The use of reference
Packaging: packed in 40,50kg woven bag

Note: (1) should be stored in a dry and ventilated place, prevent moisture and mildew. And shelf-life is six months.
(2) No feeding ruminant animal.

Meat meal is made by our factory through advanced production equipment with unique production technology. It is made of fresh Animal offal, oxtail, the original leather scraps and pass screening, hydrolysis, drying, high-temperature sterilization, twice sterilization refinery.

Its characteristic is the smell of meat flavor, color pastel yellow. Good palatability, partially or completely replace fish meal, rich in phosphorus, calcium and a variety of trace elements and other unknown factors. Conversion rate is high, easy to digest and absorb. And after twice of sterilized without pasteurella and E.coli, even in the summer also ensure safety.

Meat and bone meal made by our plant is through thermal spray technology of thermal spraying, then crushing packaging, no contact with the ground to avoid second pollution. Microbial indicators are greatly reduced.
The principle is under the effect of saturated steam, via hydrolysis of instantaneous pressure difference and wet steam to the material when energy is released. Thereby forms a series of physical and chemical changes in morphology, further improve the digestion and absorption rate and feed intake.

The production process is use water to clean, cook, sterilize and degreasing crush raw materials.Then scientific ingredients, thermal spraying, drying, crushing and packing and sealing. High energy high protein to promote growth, increase weight strongly, large eggs, productive egg and egg laying time is long. Not only suitable for fish and also an ideal feed for pigs, egg chicken, broiler and duck. Meat Meal C.P. 60% - 72% and total Amino Acid is 56% - 62%. Bone Meal C.P. 50% - 55% and total Amino Acid is 45%. Because of the purchasing channels and other reasons, our factory will face each customer with lowest price and lowest profit.

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